janie and jack bow ballet flat (toddler/little kid/big kid)

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janie and jack bow ballet flat (toddler/little kid/big kid)

janie and jack bow ballet flat (toddler/little kid/big kid) janie and jack bow ballet flat (toddler/little kid/big kid) janie and jack bow ballet flat (toddler/little kid/big kid) janie and jack bow ballet flat (toddler/little kid/big kid) janie and jack bow ballet flat (toddler/little kid/big kid) janie and jack bow ballet flat (toddler/little kid/big kid)

janie and jack bow ballet flat (toddler/little kid/big kid)

From traffic to improv comedy: Who better to jump on the improv stage than a nimble TV news personality? Traffic reporter Mike Inouye of NBC’s “Today in the Bay” does comedy, too, and he will be the special guest April 28 at Ohlone College’s family-friendly ComedySportz event. Details: 8:30 p.m.; Smith Center at Ohlone College, Fremont; $12-$20, parking, $4; 510-659-6031, www.smithcenter.com.— Linda Zavoral, Staff. Ned Flanders rocks?: Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Okilly Dokilly is a metalcore act from Phoenix that plays “Nedal” music, a sub-sub-sub genre of metal — nearly microscopic, we’d guess — that features metal music themed around “The Simpsons” character Ned Flanders. Indeed, the members of Okilly Dokilly reportedly even dress up like Ned Flanders onstage (we’re hoping only onstage). They’re headed to San Francisco for what sounds like a can’t-miss evening. Beatallica opens the show. Details: 9 p.m. April 28; Slim’s, San Francisco; $18-$20; www.slimspresents.com.— Jim Harrington, Staff.

Violinist Ji Soo Choi to join Gold Coast Chamber Players, A concert featuring violinist Ji Soo Choi, who will join the Gold Coast Chamber Players for her west coast debut, will take place at 7:30 p.m, March 14 at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Community Hall, 3491 Mt, Diablo Blvd, In 2013, as an 18-year old violinist living in Toronto, Choi sought to enter the prestigious all-Canadian Music janie and jack bow ballet flat (toddler/little kid/big kid) Competition and play Tchaikovsky’s challenging Violin Concerto in D Major, The competition rules, however, disallowed players in the teen division from performing pieces that long, Ji Soo thus requested and was granted a special exemption to play in the adult competition — and won the grand prize for all competitors there..

Naleid’s mother can’t get over the change in her once-timid daughter, who now has the courage to stand in the front of the entire class and crack jokes. “We always knew that there is more to Maya than her medical label, and to see her now onstage performing is amazing,” she says, watching her daughter strut and preen onstage. “We cry but we are happy.”. In the Showboaters class, students like Maya learn how to shine. They then share that uplifting feeling by performing for senior groups, community centers and schools.

There are no Olympic-sized pools, rows of treadmills or steam rooms in these small fitness studios, Instead, devotees sweat through hour-long classes in tiny spaces, swinging heavy kettlebells or practicing yoga poses, Some of the studios resemble high-energy nightclubs janie and jack bow ballet flat (toddler/little kid/big kid) with dim lights and loud music, Classes can be pricy, at about $30 each, but that’s not keeping people away, Boutique fitness studios are growing fast, popping up in cities around the country, taking over small spaces that once housed businesses such as beauty salons or video game shops, Starting out small makes these slim gyms a low-risk bet for aspiring entrepreneurs..

Rivera went on to become a major star, appearing as Anita in the 1957 Broadway premiere of “West Side Story” and Velma in the original cast of “Chicago.” She won Tony awards as Anna in “The Rink” (1984) and Aurora in “Spider Woman” (1993). In 2009, President Barack Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Rivera loves acting, but she says she’s always considered herself a dancer first. “It was the door that opened everything for me,” she says. “Dance — ballet — really trains your mind, your spirit and your body. It gives you a great foundation for anything you choose.”.

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