iphone glass screen protector youtube

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iphone glass screen protector youtube

But I'm not a skinny-trewed scenester and I don't have an iPhone! Not to worry, you can replicate the effect on your computumator with YearbookYourself. Tilt-shift lenses make the subjects of your images look as if they are teeny-tiny, which is always fun. You can get the effect on your iPhone or iPod touch with TiltShift. TiltShift is £1.19 in the iTunes Store. But I actually like Windows Mobile! Then learn Photoshop, friend. Or if that sounds too much like work, just rock out to Metal Heart, a tilt-shift video so awesome we want to take it to Vegas, get it drunk and marry it.

2007 GMC Yukon SLT First Take, GM dropped off its latest Yukon SLT in our garage earlier today, and I managed to squeeze the huge SUV out of its parking spot for a first impressions ride around town, Did I mention that the Yukon is huge? It is huge, More than 200 inches long (that's around 17 feet in metric) and over six feet tall, the Yukon provides a commanding driving position and plenty of interior space for five people, Around town the Yukon feels more utilitarian than sporty, Our 5.3-liter V-8 test model is two-wheel drive, which means that we won't be taking it on the kind of off-road trails you see on all the GM television commercials (a four-wheel-drive option is available for an extra $2,800), Despite the fact that the 16-valve four-speed automatic Vortec engine can conjure up 320 horsepower at 5,200rpm, the Yukon is about as responsive as a battleship when called into action to change lanes or merge with traffic, GM deserves tech kudos, however, for the engine's active fuel management system, which enables the engine to operate on only half of its cylinders (that is, four) when full power is not iphone glass screen protector youtube needed, According to the General, this can improve efficiency by as much as 12 percent in some vehicles, and while 12 percent of 16mpg (the Yukon's city EPA rating) is not a lot, it's a start, Also in the Vortec's ecofavor is its ability to run on flex fuel, a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline..

According to the Guardian, which was first to report on the issue, Matthew Baxter-Reynolds, a Windows developer, has also complained of the problem. Microsoft appears to be willing to address the problem. People in the Surface forums have said that they have contacted Microsoft about the issue and are being given a replacement cover. Whether those new covers will suffer the same fate, however, remains to be seen. In an e-mailed statement to CNET, a Microsoft representative said that the company is aware of the issue and those affected should contact Customer Support for help.

For those of you with large music collections, Apple's fast-acting song ID approach and its flat-fee pricing offer a compelling alternative to Amazon.com's and Google's cloud music offerings, For those with smaller collections and smaller budgets, we recommend giving the free iphone glass screen protector youtube options a try before having Apple host your collection for a fee, We have a separate CNET blog post comparing the three cloud music services against each other, Is there a catch to iTunes Match? Well, there is a 25,000-song limit that may affect some of you music hoarders (though iTunes purchases are not counted against the limit), We've also yet to learn what happens if you let your yearly subscription lapse, Are the songs you've synced using iTunes Match wiped from your devices, or are you simply prevented from adding new music? Time will tell..

There's also the issue of the phone being set up to automatically lock itself after a given time. Users would have to switch off any such automatic timers before heading into the deep -- or they might end up lugging around a useless device. (And users who have their phones rigged to receive work e-mails might not be able to turn off such a lock timer, if their employer's IT department forbids it.). Still, if the 5.1 workaround doesn't give you pause, and the other restrictions aren't deal-breakers, then perhaps you're willing to spend close to $100 on a case that will supposedly let you switch on your iPhone, seal it up, tumble backward into the waves, and start shooting away. In that case, the TAT7 might be your gizmo.

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